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Cohesia specialises in training solutions for enterprise-scale customers using Cisco, Microsoft and eGain platforms and technologies.

We passionately believe that by making customer journeys easier and more cohesive, it will result in reduced costs and ultimately impact profitability. We have seen this proven many times. Our business is about empowering you with knowledge and insights into your customer's experience with you. And we possess a practical means to effect positive change on your behalf.

The Cohesia team has a track record of working with some of the largest contact centers around the world. We meet complex problems with creative solutions, enabling operations 24x7 and around the world.

Enlist Cohesia as a training solutions partner to your organisation, whatever its size, to help you tackle business problems with sustainable solutions.

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Our Advantages

Customer Contact Domain Expertise

Our training teams leverage substantial domain understanding of enterprise business and customer contact business issues, so you can be confident in relevant sympathetic solutions.

Data Skills

Our team have deep understanding of knowledge management, data marts and data warehousing techniques and associated technologies.

Software Skills

Whether its Microsoft, Cisco or eGain - our team have the skills to empower your best choice of technologies. We have specific experience with Contact Center reporting products such as Exony/eGain VIM or Cisco UCCE