Cohesia Training - Professional Global Training Roll outs for Cisco and eGain Powered Contact Centers


...At Cohesia we partner with you to draw insight into your training needs. When we deliver and follow up with our professional reporting and analytics programs, your organisation gets exactly what it needs across all of your teams and roles.

We look at how you work, how you use Cisco metrics, and how you manage your Cisco powered Contact Center business.

With Training Insight at Cohesia, we build awareness and action into the training programs and courses we deliver for you.


To support your Cisco and eGain transformation and change project, we'll be with you every step of the way.

From a single training class to a 9-month global training roll-out. We help you educate and train your teams towards your goals.

Knowledge transfer made easy. Customer journey's made obvious. Cohesia Technology Training.

How to achieve great training outcomes with the Cohesia 5 Star pedagogy