Mail, Chat, Virtual Assistant and Social Courses for Cisco ECE and eGain Digital

The eGain Mail and Chat All in One instructional courses are an all in one solution that can be delivered over 3 days.

Participants learn about eGain Mail based on their role within the organization.

From Admin to Supervisors and Agents, all have 2 sessions to attend.

Formal structured training is implicitly supported with workshop sessions filled with practical, contextual exercises and in class tutorials built for each unique class and its participants.

Highly successful courses delivered in high pressure multi million dollar projects

TRAINING Cisco Powered Contact Center

Modern. Global. Enterprise. Professional. Reporting.


We combine the best of today's rapid learning approaches, using both training content featuring In Context bite-sized learning for occasional users. We combine this with classroom staged events and courses for business and technical users, and follow-up mentoring sessions once the initial learning experiences are embedded. The results are often an astonishing overall uplift in baseline knowledge and active awareness across the business.


Our expertise is founded in 30 years of experience in the delivery of global training programs. We have created extended programs and rollouts of new software for major banks, online travel agencies, insurance groups and telecoms companies alike. Typically these are rolled out over several months across the lifecycle of a new software transformation or implementation. We understand how to work with vendors, resellers and the customer, and more importantly, how to support the business goals of our customers through the stages of a learning lifecycle. We partner well. We are with you every step of the way.


We know the purpose of training and education in a business context can get wrapped up in the features and benefits culture that surrounds software, or the academic career progressions of your L&D department. That's why we say we are enterprise-wise. We never take our focus away from the contribution to your bottom line, especially where that new application or project has so many touch points across your customers' business. Our expertise lies in being able to create and deliver global strategies that target every role and that reaches you and your customer by embedding 360° revenue growth learning across your entire estate. Piece by piece. 


We work, plan, design and deliver through professional master instructors. No SME's. No part-timers. No Techies who can't teach. No Pre-Sales guys masquerading as trainers. Just professional master trainers. Here's what one major bank had to say about this... "It's just so refreshing and an absolute pleasure to be taught like this. I know that our team is actually going to learn it and retain it this way. Usually the vendors send in some technical expert with 400 slides, and after 5 minutes most of us have switched off and gone back to our day jobs. Thank you so much." - Project Manager at a major banking institution in the United States.


User Reporting, Data Analytics, Center Management, Metrics - Our metrics are all aligned to business goals. Your goals for this year. Talk with our experts and they will help you define the benchmarks and metrics you need to make a 5-20% increase in revenue growth from what you already have.