Freebie Ideas You Can Give Your Customers to Boost Your Brand Image

There are a lot of signs that can indicate a business’s success. There’s an increase in revenue, overflowing customer support, and many more. But there’s one crucial thing that defines the success of a business. That’s by having a very established brand identity. People seeing your logo and can instantly identify that it’s your business are examples of this. Your recognizable tagline can be a factor too.

Establishing a brand identity can be difficult at the start. It goes easy if you know how to do it. One of the basic steps to develop brand identity is thriving on your marketing strategy. Marketing is a vital part of the business. Running an ad campaign can either make your business thrive or break it. Some experts even note that a lack of marketing can cause a small business to fail. However, there’s a way to speed up the boost in marketing your business needs. It’s by giving out freebies.

If you’re wondering the best freebies to give your customers, here are some freebie ideas you should try as part of your marketing strategy.

Exclusive Item

You might  have a secret menu in your restaurant or a unique frappe that isn’t available on the menu. You can market those as freebies. Say you’re going to base it on the number of beverages your customer bought. You can give them an exclusive bag of coffee beans once they complete ten orders of your premium beverages. That’s for them to be reminded of your brand even when they’re already at home.

Or you can give your customers a limited-edition calendar for their hundredth visit to your store. You can do that if you have a system that can track the number of a customer’s visits. There are many things that you can turn into an exclusive item. These items should be a good representation of your brand. That’s because you have to make these items remind people of your business’s brand identity. It’s just proper to come up with an item that you think will be recognizable as exclusively yours.

Amulet bracelet

A Contest Prize

An excellent way to establish your brand identity is through running a contest for your loyal customers. This is true because running a contest can get you very creative on the prizes you will give the winners. Start with criteria that your customers should meet before joining your competition. For example, they have visited you at least a hundred times already. Or maybe if they’ve already spent a set amount in your store. Then you can do a raffle and give out prizes.

You can give them simple things like shirts if you’re an arts and crafts place. Or maybe you can go big and give them a little home makeover. You can do something like paying for their broken railings. Collaborate with a company that does high-quality ironwork. That’s just a good marketing strategy. People will know your business as one of the most generous out there.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are one of the handiest items you can give your regular customers. It’s also a great way to boost your marketing strategy. Customers love a tangible token of appreciation, and gift cards can do just that. You can start issuing gift cards as freebies based on criteria your customers need to meet.

Perhaps, you can give them gift cards on special days like birthdays or marriage anniversaries. There are so many instances you can provide your customers rewards like gift cards. Do this and make their visit to your store a memorable one. That will boost brand image to other customers and potential new ones.

Digital Rewards Points

Digital rewards points are self-explanatory. These are points that people earn which they can use at your store later. They are digital tokens that can promote loyalty to your customers. Loyalty reward programs have been widely used in the finance and banking world. Credit card rewards are a good selling point for banks. This can be the same story for you if you integrate a loyalty rewards program into your business. And that’s by introducing digital rewards points to your loyal customers.

People will never get tired of free stuff. Even as simple as a digital voucher can make their day, and no one will say no to something they got for free. It makes them feel like they’re getting more than what their money’s worth. So think of a freebie that you can give your customers, which will surely boost your brand identity.

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