We provide Education Services for revenue growth to Software Vendors and Consulting Groups

The Cohesia team

Bringing decades of customer contact, BI analytics and software consultancy experience to bear.

We have become experts in this area ... highly successful Global Education Strategies delivered into software and consulting firms engaged in high pressure multi-million dollar projects

Cohesia training solutions

At Cohesia, our training solutions apply multi-channel learning and development technologies to help you extend the skills you already have and engage your teams in revenue growth.

A cohesive customer SUCCESS

Let us help you leverage what you have already. We train, mentor and consult on modern education methods - embedding them into your revenue growth targets at every stage of your processes.


Cohesia Education Strategies are led by our founder, Gary Dixon. People who have been working on projects with us praise our professionalism and our deep knowledge of Education strategy. Most of all though, they praise our authenticity.  Whether it's Digital or Data led, at Cohesia we know that learning and knowledge development is the flux of customer business growth and success.