House Flipping: Design Themes For The Perfect Backyard Patio

House flipping is a serious real estate business but also heavily relies on your capacity to understand the selling features of a home and making the most out of every aspect to bring the property value to its maximum potential. As a result, you can’t enter the business of flipping houses and expect every challenge to be dealt with through crunching numbers. You also need a keen eye for design and a bit of creative flair to give your homes a unique edge in the market.

However, we’ve seen far too many real estate investors in the house flipping business allocate too much of their budget for the front view and rooms inside without giving the backside the love it needs to complete a house overhaul. So, today we’ll be going over some of the best design themes you can adopt into your next house flipping opportunity to make the perfect backyard patio.

Why Even Bother About Patios?

Normally when renovating a home to meet the demands of comfort, liveability, and aesthetics, you’re more inclined to focus on the interior where the potential buyers will be staying. However, we shouldn’t forget about the backyard patio because this is still a crucial part of the home that most potential buyers want to be beautiful. Plus, considering that most people will prefer to stay at home given the pandemic, outside space becomes essential.

  • Increases Property Value: House flipping is all about increasing the property value and getting the most return from the cash you put down in the shortest amount of time possible. And, if there’s one part of the home that you can renovate and expect big returns in value, it’s the backyard. With a bit of landscaping and a couple of new patio furniture, the difference can be night and day, both in the aesthetics department and home appreciation.
  • Extends The Home’s Living Space: Nobody likes being cramped up and isolated into one place; it’s one of the reasons why so many people despise the idea of extended and strict lockdown measures. So, with a well-invested and remodeled backyard patio, you can extend the home’s living space and give the homeowners more room to stretch and experience the best life.

What Are The General Design Themes?

Now that we’ve laid down the economic and function reasons that make a backyard patio a worthwhile investment in the house flipping business, it’s time we go over the general design themes and principles you can follow. Of course, feel free to tailor and add your unique touch. You don’t have to follow everything to a tee because the home design is all about personal flavor.

#1 Entertaining And Dining

We all have a bit of that entertainer side hidden deep inside, and the backyard patio is the best place to give the home more of an outgoing and welcoming perspective. You can dedicate this space more toward entertaining and dining to allow homeowners the opportunity to invite friends and host small events. As a side note, don’t forget to reinforce it with some plywood deck waterproofing products and use stronger material if you’re expecting the home to house a lot of people.

  • Active & Social Lifestyle: If you’re in a neighborhood or part of the city that’s generally known for very active and social people, this design theme works best. A simple dining setup and brand-new patio furniture, and you’re all set to host an open house.
  • Perfect For Big Families: Of course, big families always love the extra space, and nothing beats the breath of fresh air when you’re eating breakfast. You can customize the patio to cater to a more big-family household aesthetic as well.


#2 Private & Personal

In contrast to the entertaining and dining design theme, you can also go for a more reserved and secluded approach, following a private & personal design theme for the overall patio. Not everyone’s the type who wants multiple people at their home, and if it’s a smaller house, all the more reason to keep the number of people small. Utilize privacy corners and even water features to cover more ground if you have the budget.

  • Place For Relaxation: With this design theme, you’re aiming to create a place for relaxation, a part of the home you can pass the time and unwind. It doesn’t have to be extravagant. All it takes is a shaded area and comfortable seating.
  • Quiet Neighborhood: Likewise, a prerequisite to the private & personal design theme is a quiet neighborhood. So, if you know the area is well-known for being loud and not as conducive for relaxation, skip this design theme.

#3 Multipurpose And Expansive

Although the house flipping businesses generally don’t deal with much larger properties that don’t expect to be sold in a short span of a couple of months, we won’t deny that golden opportunities do happen. And, if you’re working with a much larger home, there’s a lot more budget and the potential return on investment on the line.

Nevertheless, the perfect design theme for these types of homes is something multipurpose and expansive. You want to make the most out of vistas and place the patio furniture directly in view of the sprawling outdoors. After that, you can choose to segregate different spaces for other activities such as outdoor cooking, functional gardening area, and many more. Just remember to watch your budget and remember that you’re flipping the house and not turning it into a long-term investment.

Don’t Slack On Your Patio Designs.

House flipping is all about bringing out the best in homes through crucial fixes and reinvigorating their beauty. So, don’t slack on your patio designs because they both maximize home appreciation and give you extra aesthetic points.

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