Industrial Workplace Safety: Challenges to Avoid Costly Accidents

Workplace accidents could cost your company millions of dollars every year. But in industrial settings, this could be inevitable, given that you deal with machinery every day. If you manage a manufacturing plant or construction site, you may need to prepare for a disaster any day.

Even if you train your workers about safety, the likelihood of accidents occurring persists. But you’ll be surprised how much of them could’ve been avoidable.

That said, let’s identify the common challenges in ensuring the safety of industrial sites and workable solutions.

Lurking Safety Hazards

All types of workplaces contain safety hazards. But in industrial workplaces, the threats are greater. The sight of complicated machines alone can already stimulate anxiety, especially in the eyes of untrained staff.

The standard equipment and machine involved in workplace accidents are as follows:

  • Cherry pickers
  • Forklifts
  • Dump trucks
  • Industrial and factory machines
  • Warehouse equipment and machinery

Seeing that a factory or construction site most certainly has those, your workplace is pretty much a huge safety threat in itself. Your equipment and machinery may be designed to make work easier, but if the people using them are fatigued or stressed, then they may still end up sustaining injuries while using them.

Your facility may be lacking crucial qualities, too, such as adequate lighting. If people cannot see their way, slips, falls, and trips will likely happen often.

Markings are another essential factor in workplace safety. If you handle hazardous materials, floor markings will let your workers know where the critical areas are. Even parking spaces will benefit significantly from proper markings.

Machinery and Facility Maintenance

machine maintenance

Poorly maintained machinery is more likely to malfunction and cause injury. Meanwhile, factories that aren’t cleaned daily pose threats to workers’ hygiene, health, and safety.

But as you have your workplace cleaned, ensure that there would be signs placed on the floor to keep workers from walking on slippery grounds. Slips can be fatal if a sensitive body part suffered the impact, so don’t skimp on extra safety measures.

Ergonomic Hazards

Factory and construction workers are subject to repetitive motions every day, making them susceptible to work-related injuries. Unfortunately, there is little you can do to limit movements such as lifting, bending, stooping, and reaching, but you can allow your workers to take adequate breaks.

Ensure your workers’ hydration as well. If you’re in the construction industry, they’ll even be more prone to dehydration and disease, so make drinking water available at all times.

Solutions to Mitigate Safety Challenges

As stated, workplace accidents are costly. Not only the compensation but the fees for a lawyer as well, should it lead to a lawsuit. And in the manufacturing industry, cash is already a struggle to obtain. You’re probably dealing with late payments every day.

Getting a working capital loan can help you with urgent cash needs, but of course, it’s cheaper to prevent the unfortunate scenarios that will drive you in need of money. Below are some ways to reduce the challenges in your workplace’s safety:

    • Conduct surprise inspections. Some workers, though instructed to don their PPE at all times, tend to disregard this rule. Hence, perform a surprise safety check to ensure that all workers are following regulations.
    • Update training methods. Experienced workers must still be regularly trained. But their time in the company may cause them to stop seeing the value of their training, so invest in your training programs to make them feel worthwhile.
    • Consult a work injury lawyer. Gaining a legal perspective about workplace safety will help you strengthen your current measures in preventing injuries, keeping you safe from potential lawsuits.

Maintaining the safety of industrial sites is a continuous work. It’s as valuable as your profits; hence, never take it for granted if no incident has occurred in your facility yet.

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