Outfitting Rental Properties with the Right Amenities

  • Invest in modern fixtures and furniture that offer extra seating and space-saving features to attract tenants. 
  • Install smart home technology such as thermostats, security systems, and lighting to provide convenience and security for tech-savvy renters. 
  • Furnish outdoor areas with furniture, plants, and wireless sound systems to provide tenants with a comfortable space to relax or entertain guests. 
  • Make sure to consider which amenities are most attractive when outfitting properties to ensure you get the best return on your investment.

Investing in rental properties is a great way to increase your long-term income. You can maximize your profit potential and attract more tenants with the right amenities. Here are some of the amenities you should consider for your rental properties.

Furnishings and Appliances

One of the most important investments you can make when outfitting properties is furnishings and appliances. Not only will these items add value to your property, but they can also help attract tenants looking for convenience and comfort. Here are some ideas:

Invest in a modern kitchen.

A modern, well-equipped kitchen will make your property stand out from the crowd and can help attract tenants who are looking for a fully functional space. Hire expert kitchen fitters to upgrade cabinets, countertops, and appliances to give the area an updated look. You can also hire these professionals to install new and additional home kitchens for added convenience.

Think about convenience and storage space.

Provide your tenants with ample storage options such as closets, shelves, cabinets, and other storage solutions to store their belongings in an organized manner. Investing in furniture that offers extra seating or space-saving features is also a good idea.

Upgrade bathrooms with updated fixtures.

Modern bathrooms are a great way to attract tenants and increase the value of your property. Installing new fixtures such as showers, toilets, and vanities can make the space more inviting and luxurious.

modern minimalist bathroom with huge mirror and spaces

Smart Home Technology

In today’s digital age, it’s not enough to just provide basic amenities. You need to think about modern conveniences that will appeal to tech-savvy tenants. Smart home technology is becoming increasingly popular among renters because it offers convenience and security features that traditional homes may not have. Here are some examples:

Install a smart thermostat.

A smart thermostat can help tenants save energy costs by allowing them to control the temperature of their homes with just the touch of a button. Smart thermostats often come with features such as geofencing, which allows the temperature to be adjusted automatically when someone enters or leaves a particular area.

Invest in a smart security system.

Getting a smart security system can help make your tenants feel safe and secure by allowing them to check in on their homes from wherever they are and monitor for any suspicious activity. Smart security systems typically come with motion sensors and cameras that allow tenants to see what’s happening inside their homes and take action if needed.

Consider smart lighting.

Smart lighting is a great way to add convenience and save energy costs for your tenants. Smart lights can be controlled remotely via an app, so tenants don’t need to manually turn them on and off every time they enter or leave the property.

person controlling home processes using tablet in front of house

Outdoor Space

Outdoor space can be an attractive amenity for many tenants who want somewhere safe to spend time outside or entertain guests without leaving their homes. If you have an outdoor patio or garden area at your property, then it might be worth investing in the following:

Furnish the area with outdoor furniture.

Adding outdoor furniture to your patio or garden can create a comfortable space for tenants to relax and entertain guests. Invest in durable pieces that will stand up to all weather conditions and provide plenty of seating options.

Add plants and greenery.

If you have an outdoor space at your property, adding plants and greenery can create a tranquil atmosphere that will be attractive to potential tenants. Choose low-maintenance options like shrubs and potted plants, so they don’t require too much upkeep on the part of your tenants.

Set up wireless sound systems.

Having a wireless sound system installed in your outdoor space can be an added bonus for tenants. They can easily stream music and host parties without having to connect cords or wires around the area.

No two tenants have precisely the same needs when renting a property, so it’s essential to consider which amenities would be most attractive when outfitting properties for maximum profit potential. Furnishings and appliances are essential if you want your property to stand out from others on the market, while smart home technology provides the modern conveniences that busy renters crave. Finally, don’t forget about outdoor space — even small patios and gardens can be attractive extras that could help draw in more prospective tenants. With these considerations in mind, you’ll be sure to maximize the potential of any rental property.

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