Why Build Your Own Affordable Luxury Resort at Home

Someone once said: “If saving money is wrong, I don’t want to be right.” This line is heard from avid shoppers, e-mall aficionados, collectors, and those who want luxury items to adorn their bodies and homes. Indeed, the so-called lifestyles of the rich and famous actually are lived by the one percent who were mostly born into that world. In America, this privileged group of people earns an income of at least $1.67 million a year in addition to their $8 to $14 million dollars in cash and other assets. With income and assets in that range, these individuals and families from the elite can really afford mind-boggling luxuries like the latest model of sports cars, mansions, vacation homes in Europe, or a private resort on a tropical island.

But there are things that one must not make savings the primary consideration. For example, renovating a home really does take a certain amount of investment. Cutting costs just to save on money, however, is not advisable since using poor quality items or hiring contractors without the right expertise and experience could only lead to a home renovation disaster. For example, one must only get the best materials and qualified contractors for roofing replacement services. Imagine the horror of a leaking roof during the height of typhoon because cutting corners to save a few dollars had left you with a poorly made roof.

Luxury Need Not Leave You Hassled and Broke

Still, going after a little luxury need not break the bank nor burn your wallet. One can still get much-needed rest and recreation even if one stays at home. This is especially true for those who have what is referred to as vacation fatigue, a feeling of wanting to go on vacation but dreading everything that goes with it such as the hassle of packing, going to airports, jet lag, and doing it all again on the way home. So what other luxury or vacation can one take if the budget is not that big and leaving town is not an option?

Here’s an idea worth considering: why not create your own private vacation resort? Why not save money to buy an above-ground swimming pool that is not too expensive and relatively easy to install in your own backyard?

Affordable Backyard Pools

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Backyard pools have affordable models that go for about $1,500 to around $4,000 which is way more affordable than a full-on construction of a below-the-ground pool that could cost anywhere between $15,000 to $45,000. The price could go much higher depending on the size and design of the pool, of course. As a home improvement project, building an above-ground pool will still give you and your family time to enjoy the pool right in your own property without having to worry about hotel or resort bills, airfare, and other costs of out-of-town vacations.

The outdoor above-ground backyard pool models normally come with a user manual, pool cover, and tools for setting up the bars and containment structure for pool water. A typical above-ground pool holds will need about; 4,000 gallons of water or more if you purchase the bigger models. So make sure to add the water cost as part of the investment.

Building this luxury feature in one’s backyard is certainly an affordable luxury. Just imagine beating the summer heat by dipping into your own pool in midday. Just picture how the family, especially children and teens, will love having their own pool to wade in with relatives, playmates, or friends. Having a cookout or a barbecue as part of a swimming party will always be a hit among younger members of the family. By having a backyard pool, the savings in money will be significant since the family no longer needs to buy plane tickets or get gas for a long trip to a remote resort outside state limits. There is no need to spend on fancy hotel or resort restaurants that mark-up the price very high. By having one’s above-ground pool for everybody to enjoy, staying at home for a stay-cation will not only be fun and memorable, but it can also be cost-efficient.

Luxury on a Budget

Everyone can live luxury on a budget. Not everyone needs to be in the One Percent bracket in America. Building your own resort right in the middle of your property is just one of many options. Luxury, in many ways, is relative. Those who enjoy and are grateful for what they have will always have enough to be happy about whether it’s having one’s own pool or simply spending time with people you love.

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