3 Ways to Give Your Living Room a New Look

If you were given a chance to redecorate one room in your home, the first place that often comes to mind is the living room. After all, we spend a lot of time entertaining and relaxing in the living room. It’s also usually the biggest room in the home. But thinking about redecorating it is one thing, actually doing it is another. You have to put many different pieces together and take a lot of things into consideration.

To successfully decorate a living room, or any room for that matter, you need to strike a balance between form and function. Physical fixtures shouldn’t overshadow the structure of the living room. If you want to add functional upgrades like indoor solar shades, it shouldn’t be at the expense of the windows. These are just some factors you need to take into consideration when decorating a space.

1. Reuse furniture

Unless money is no object, you’d want to keep your decorating project under budget. One easy way to do that is to reuse the existing furniture you already have.

I’m sure you’re thinking, “Why would I want to reuse my old furniture if I’m redecorating my living room?” If your existing pieces aren’t working for you, then maybe what you need to do is to give it a new look. A fresh coat of paint or a few tweaks here and there can make your old furniture seem like new. Best of all, you get to save a boatload of money.

living room

2. Start a mood board

If you’re not sure where to start, a mood board can help you create a vision for your new living room. Look at design websites and magazines and pick out images that you like, with particular attention to design features like paint colors and layouts.

Combine all your favorite images on a single board, and with a few refinements, you just created a design language. Use the board as a reference when you decorate the living room.

3. Use neutral colors

We often feel the urge to inject our personality into our homes, and painting your living room walls a loud color often sounds great in theory. However, it rarely works out in real life. When it comes to the living room, you want to pick soft, neutral colors like beige, ivory, and charcoal.

The idea is simple: Living rooms are meant for comfort and relaxation. Loud colors like orange and pink exude too much energy and make it difficult for your brain to relax. The living room is also a significant entry point and sets the tone for the rest of your home. A safe color projects safety and stability, and you can still add some personality to the room through art pieces.

These things will help make the most of your living room. Redecorating any part of your home can seem like a difficult task. But if you play your cards right, you get to enjoy the benefits of a new and fresh space. Revisit your mood board whenever you need design guidance and trust yourself to make the right decisions.

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