How Your Facade Affects Your Business

Sometimes, no matter how excellent your service is, customers are still scarce. Many factors can affect your business performance, and one of them is the facade of your business establishment. How your target customers see your establishment can significantly affect your sales and production.

The facade of your establishment is the first thing that customers see when they pass by. People see your stationary advertisement daily. The aesthetic and cleanliness of your storefront can affect your target customer’s decision. If you have a business, a roof-cleaning service can help make your storefront look more appealing.

Your Store’s Visual Matters

You may offer the best blueberry cheesecake in town, but those who have never eaten in your cafe do not know that. When they walk by your storefront, your store’s facade will do the talking. How your place looks will affect their decision to stop by and go in.

According to the Morpace Omnibus, how your business establishment looks is as critical as the quality of the products and services that you offer. More than two-thirds of the respondents have ignored establishments mainly because of their appearance.

Half of the respondents avoided stores because they looked dirty and unkempt from the outside. The appearance of business establishments heavily influenced the decision of these respondents. Your store’s visuals can affect your sales even before your target customers take a step at your door.

Spruce Up Your Store Front

Are you looking for ways to increase your sales? Take charge of your business and start with your store’s facade. It’s a simple and effective way to transform your business. Make your store more inviting with these simple steps:

1. Keep it clean.

Before you plan some significant renovations, the simplest thing that you can do to improve the curb appeal of your business is to clean up. Hire commercial power-cleaning services for your windows, roof, and storefront.


Clear and clean glass windows let passersby take a peek into what’s inside your store. Let them ogle at that gorgeous pair of boots that just arrived. Let them see that line of mouth-watering pastries by the counter. Grimy windows do not do your business any justice. The cleaner and brighter your windows are, the more people would want to come in. Regardless of the size of your business, a clean establishment speaks volumes about how you care for your customers.

2. Stand out from the competition.

Avoid using the same themes and colors as your adjacent stores. Your business is unique, and your store’s facade should be able to convey that. Stand out from your neighbors by using different designs and colors.

3. Make your visuals reflect your business.

How your establishment looks should reflect your business. Match the designs of your exterior and interior with your business identity. It should also match your business logo, the design of your website, and the theme of your advertising. Be coherent with what you communicate to your customers to create your unique brand identity.

4. Make use of sidewalk spaces.

You do not have to be a coffee shop or a restaurant to make great use of your sidewalk spaces. You can put up a lovely bench as a waiting area for your customers who are waiting for their Uber. Planters, flower boxes, and cute picket fences can add character to your store and make it more attractive. Put up an A-sign board to announce your special offers for the day to entice more customers to drop by.

5. Revamp your signage.

Let’s not forget one of the most critical elements of your business establishment: your signage. Your business signage does more than inform the target customers of your business. Customers will relate the quality and attractiveness of your signage with the quality of your products and services.

Your outdoor signage must be visible to increase your brand exposure. An eye-catching, unique, and high-quality signage will attract more customers than plain and basic ones. Signage also increases your brand awareness. When people see your sign, they will be able to connect it with their feelings towards your company.

Bring life to your store facade and watch your customer base grow. It’s an effective method to create a great first impression. Customer experience begins the moment a customer arrives in front of your establishment. Your facade should not only be enticing. It should also be warm and welcoming.

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