Advertising Ideas to Instantly Boost Your Brand Identity

Getting your brand out there isn’t easy, especially for small businesses. Sign-spinning and phone book ads still help, but they’re already outdated. It’s time to think of optimal ways to market your brand.

Coming up with advertising strategies is less complicated nowadays. You can go traditional but do it with a twist. You can also keep up with modernity by going digital. It’s your call. But in a crowd of ads in your niche, how do you think your brand would stand out? Check out some of the niftiest ad ideas for your small business.


Experiment with Social Media Advertising

According to GlobalWebIndex, 54% of social browsers use social media to research products. It’s vital to stand out on this platform and have your online presence be seen. The limit doesn’t exist when it comes to social media advertising. Sign up for social media accounts you think would be beneficial for your brand. Make sure to get accounts that are tailored to your target demographics.

You can do a video with all the elements of “virality” if you’re marketing for young people. Run an ad campaign that truly catches everyone’s attention. Share it on Facebook if you’re trying to attract older generations. Come up with a striking graphic design that’ll draw attention from the public. Hire an artist for the design if needed. There are just so many ways you can bring your brand out in the wild through social media. You have to be creative and strategical.

Samples and Freebies

Who doesn’t love free stuff? Giving away free stuff is still very much appreciated by people. Entice potential clients by giving them samples and freebies. Giving away free stuff to sample your product is a versatile marketing strategy. This method works well with everything.

From food to bath bombs, introduce the prestige of your product by giving people a little taste. Make a list of recipients, just like how big businesses curate their PR lists. Include people you think would most likely recommend your product to others. Make your “PR package” attractive. They might post it on social media, so your product should be camera-ready.

Step Up Your Packaging Game

The packaging is what people usually see first in a product. A visually pleasing presentation gives buyers a sense of appreciation for the merchandise. Make your packaging stand out by employing designs that give people innovative experiences. Make a package that kids can turn into cut-out houses. Bank on recyclable packaging. Go minimalist with your eco-friendly box designed to be a makeshift seedling tray.

branding through packaging

Get your customers amazed with eco foams and plastic wraps that dissolve in water. Personalized packaging is also an option. A decoratively written name of your customer on the package is charming. You can also go unconventional by using textiles to wrap your product. Just be imaginative, and you can bring out the best in your product only by its packaging alone.

Wear Your Brand and Logo

A lot of internet personalities establish their brands by producing merchandise. Most of them offer shirts where their logos are printed. You can actually do the same. Build your brand identity by wearing shirts that display your logo. It’s a cheap way to advertise your product. Forbes cites that a memorable logo helps companies circumvent the cost of continual marketing. That’s according to Scott Lysz, one of Forbes’ communication councils.

So make your logo identifiable on the shirt with a heat transfer design that perfectly captures your branding. Make it mysterious by wearing your shirts often until people ask what’s that print all about. Give some of those shirts to your friends and family.

You can also give them away as freebies for buying your product. What’s good about this is this method isn’t only limited to shirts. You can literally print on any fabric. Get them worn by people. Increase your brand’s physical presence by executing this strategy.

Get Creative with Your Launching Party

If you have a little budget for an opening party, go ahead and hold one. This is one of the best times to get your brand known by the public. Promote your brand by holding a fun and unique launching party. Hype it up with a pop-up installation. Your guests won’t be able to resist taking pictures inside it.

Give discounts to people whose names start with the same letter as the first letter of business name. Organize an opening party where pets are allowed to attend. Make your launching event a memorable one. If your brand needs a proper introduction, this is going to be a spectacular idea.

These are just some of the few things you can do to build your brand identity. You can do a lot more when you focus on your target audience. Know the demographics you’re going to serve. Check out what interests them. Base your branding on their tastes and build an identity that’ll mostly attract them.

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