How to Make Running Your Business on the Road Work for You

The office is no longer a requirement for work. Nowadays, people are embracing less formal ways to do business. Perhaps you’re a freelancer, or just working from home to escape the rat race. Perhaps you’re even lucky enough to have your own company and spend work hours in destinations all over the world.

It can be difficult to stay productive when you’re constantly on the go. Here are some tips for making running your business on the road work for you:

Choose the Right Tools

Take advantage of all your resources. Invest in a smartphone and tablet, and download all the apps you need to run your business from them (including anything that would normally require a laptop or desktop like video chat). You’ll find that many of these apps were made with travelers specifically in mind. Keeping up with communication will be essential to keeping work streamlined and organized, so stay connected as much as possible. Keep track of time zones if you travel internationally. The last thing you want is to schedule a phone conference for 10:00 AM only to realize it’s 8:00 PM and no one will be there to answer your call.

You should also consider where you’ll be working in. Some entrepreneurs have their own recreational vehicle (RV) which they use to travel and as a makeshift office. You can use an enclosed aluminum utility trailer if you need more space and if you’re traveling locally. You need to customize it to fit your needs, but it provides more room for any activity.

Set up a Work Routine

Create a schedule for yourself and strictly adhere to it, no matter how much you may want to go exploring or lounge around on the beach with a cocktail one afternoon (and trust us, you’ll want to). Block out times during each day when you’re working and block out time for things like lunch and dinner as well as free time. You’ll find that this will help keep work from taking over your vacation, but also that it can help prevent burnout and fatigue by dividing up your days with breaks in between so you don’t work hard all the time without stopping for anything else. Be sure to take some fun photos of adventures if they happen during your work hours.

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Stay Organized

Have a master to-do list with tasks divided up among the days of your trip, and stick to that schedule you set in the previous paragraph. If an open schedule is more your style, at least keep some sort of record of what needs to be done when so you know how many tasks are ahead of you. Make sure everything can be accessed easily on your phone or tablet as well as any paper documents you may need for reference (perhaps even download them onto the devices). Then create folders for each section of work so it’s easier to access. You can even color-code if it makes things easier on you! Staying organized will help prevent stress and overwhelm, two feelings that can definitely threaten productivity.

Take Advantage of Technology

Technology can be a great thing when it comes to staying productive while on the road, but you have to utilize it. Turn off your Wi-Fi when you’re not using it so it doesn’t just connect whenever someone else is within reach. However, also take advantage of free Internet spots available in many places these days if they are useful for quick tasks. You may even be able to get some work done at coffee shops or other businesses with open Wi-Fi connections — just bring earphones so you don’t annoy the other customers! Make sure to do things like back up important documents often too so no matter what happens while traveling, your information won’t be lost.

Connect with Other Entrepreneurs

Struggling to stay motivated and productive on your own? You may want to reach out to other entrepreneurs who are also running their businesses on the road. Find groups of them online through the Internet (some people even run formal work exchange programs in various places). If you meet any while traveling, make sure to take advantage of this opportunity. Not only will they be able to provide tips and advice for managing things like organizing your days or dealing with burn-out; it can often be very motivating just knowing that others are experiencing the same struggles as you!

Running your business on the road can be a great way to see more of the world while still getting work done. It won’t be easy. You have to stay organized and productive when you’re constantly on the go. By following these tips, you’ll find that traveling and working can be much easier to manage.


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