Branching Out: Low Investment Businesses

Starting a business does not always happen because someone has a sure-fire great idea. Sometimes, people simply identify a need they have that they have trouble getting help with and decide to become the solution themselves. Chances are that if you are having a recurring issue, other people are as well. They will be just as likely as you to pay money for the convenience of a reliable solution.  

Finding a nice can sound difficult because of the sheer variety of businesses in today’s world. But this actually helps you out. Identify the area that you are interested in and look into support services that the industry would need. The real estate area would need commercial cleaning, handymen, and assessors. The IT field would need developers, testers, and engineers. That said, identifying a support service is the easiest way to narrow down to the exact niche you can fill.  

Many of these businesses can also be done as a secondary income or as a part-time job till you grow it enough that you can leave your main job. The biggest worry which stops people from exploring entrepreneurship is whether they will make money to support their family. Thus, something that can be done on the side is the best way to pursue your dream of business ownership while continuing to provide your family with a comfortable life.              


Handymen are in demand throughout the year. A reliable handyman with a good work ethic and certifications will soon find himself turning people away. Consider making contacts while going to classes to get your certifications so that you can bring other people in to work for you.  

They can take over the actual work side of things while you run the administrative side. This is how you begin transitioning to management while running a handyman service.  


This is a more specialized area than carpentry. Carpenters do make beautiful items, but they are more primarily concerned with building to specifications or making repairs. Craftsmen can specialize in antique restoration, rebuilding historical landmarks, or bespoke furniture.  

If woodworking is a passion of yours then you can easily find the enjoyment of running this business. Look to make a website and promote your items on social media sites like Etsy and Instagram.  


Handicrafts cover everything from crocheting to making pottery. People are always looking for gifts and decorative items. That said, venturing into making your hobby craft into a money-making business is a good way to make some money while doing something you would be doing anyway.  

This is not likely to make you a lot of money and can take time to grow. So this is best as a business for someone who simply needs a small income to pay for their hobby or likes to have proof that their work is special and worth a good price to people who appreciate them.  



If you are an expert in your field or a niche subject, consider getting together your certifications or proof of expertise and setting up a website. Put together promotional content like videos, a newsletter, and brochures and send them to relevant businesses, sectors, TV channels, and podcastsThis will get you on the radar of people who want consultants to come in and advise them or it will get you a platform on which to demonstrate your expertise and commitment to providing a stellar service.  

Personal Trainer  

Turn your passion for exercise into a side venture by offering classes and training services to others. You can offer one on one classes and consulting to people who want to get fit. Some people may also pay more if you offer nutritional and exercise regimens specially crafted to help them achieve their desired goals. There are also many people who are sporty and fit but do not know how to become a personal trainer or market themselves as one effectively. You can teach people these skills and get paid as a consultant and trainer.

Alternatively, you can offer companies fitness seminars and nutritional consulting. Many companies are now looking into helping their employees be less stressed and may offer a lucrative contract to a trainer who can offer these services to their staff.            

If coming up with a niche to fill seems too difficult, then utilize your current training and skills by freelancing in your field. Graphic designers and developers can often make just as much money from freelancing as they do at their regular job. Whether you offer technical support to small businesses, create projects on demand, or only entertain the most interesting requests from your website, you will be doing work that you enjoy and honing your skills.

This will make you more valuable at your regular job and can lead to advancement and more money. That way, when you eventually leave to expand your business, your name and accomplishments will be known to more people within the industry which will make your business a desirable service for people to consult.

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