Opening in the Midst of Pandemic: Don’t Forget Your Roof

Most businesses and facilities are slowly reopening after having been closed or open but with skeleton crews. In spite of the threat of COVID-19, some businesses are being allowed to open to serve the people (especially if it is an essential business). Your business might be included in this category.

The ‘new normal’ calls for additional precautions when opening your business: the wearing of face masks, sanitizers by the front desk, investing in disinfecting mats, etc. Some things, however, have not changed a bit.

For instance, proactive commercial roofing maintenance is still important. Your establishment was closed for a while so it’s best to make sure your roof is still in good condition.

Inspect From the Inside-Out

First, look for leaks from the inside of your establishment. Puddle water and stained ceiling tiles are signs of water intruding your business from roof leaks. Check for leaks ASAP you can mitigate them quickly with the help of an experienced roofing technician.

The following areas should be inspected every time you (or a contractor) are on the roof:

  • Rooftop penetrations and unites
  • Scuppers, gutters, and drains
  • Roof edges, flashings, and expansions
  • Search for any defects

Also, look for the most common anomalies. Perform a walk-through on your roof surface and look for signs of apparent damage such as seams and penetrations. These areas are the probable sources of your water intrusion problem.

Remove the Debris

It’s highly likely that your roof has accumulated branches, sticks, leaves, and other debris on the roof, especially if it has been a few months since you’ve checked your roof. Check your downspouts and gutters to make sure they are not clogged. If they are, you’ll need to unclog them to make sure rainwater can move freely and drain off the roof.

Perform Repairs

In-house repairs can be treated as inspections and can be done by your in-house maintenance crew. If you perform these repairs by yourself, you can save more money and learn to do things on your own in the future. You’ll know how to complete them when you want. DIY roof repairs should be analyzed on a per-repair basis so you can determine if the DIY route is wise or not.

If you outsource the repairs to third parties, however, you can have peace of mind knowing that experts are working on your roof. Most companies also provide warranties that guarantee quality performance for a period of time.

Hire a Reputable Roofing Contractor

roof repair

Commercial roofs cover more space than residential roofs. They are also made from different materials that require special care. Work with a commercial roof contractor that possesses the experience and the right licenses, given the sensitive nature of your roof. Any professional roofing contractor will provide proven maintenance plans to their clients.

Business might not be as usual, given the changes you have to implement in order to do your part in reducing the cases of COVID-19. Extra precautions, however, always go a long way — especially in terms of maintaining your roof. Mix your new normal with your old normal by minding your commercial roof today.

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