The ABCs of Protecting Your Investment Property

Real estate is often considered one of the most lucrative forms of investment, but owning a rental property comes with a lot of responsibility. Keeping a property safe and secure for tenants is just as important as renting it out, and this is one of the most important tasks that rental property owners or landlords are expected to take care of. Tenants don’t want to feel unsafe in their own home or office, so it’s important they know that you’re taking all the necessary precautions to keep them and their belongings safe.

Whether you’re a property owner looking to improve their rental property’s security or an interested investor who wants to branch out into real estate, here are a few ways to minimize risk and protect yourself and your property from any future legal issues.

Find Weak Points and Eliminate Them

Sometimes, what you don’t see at first glance can be a way for burglars to sneak into your property. This is why it’s important to check any possible openings that unwelcome guests can enter through. You can do this by walking around your property and taking a tour of the area through a burglar’s eyes.

Possible vulnerable spots include overgrown plants that can serve as a hiding spot for suspicious people or an open window that’s big enough for someone to go through. Getting rid of these vulnerable spots depends on what parts of your house are susceptible to break-ins and what is deemed legal by your local government.

A few ways you can help protect your property are by adding barriers between your property and the street, like fences or gates made of composite materials more durable than regular fencing. You can also replace your windows with shatterproof glass or replace glass doors with more durable alternatives like wood or metal.

Secure the Main Entrance

Many entrance doors often come with single-cylinder deadbolts, where the locking mechanism only requires a key on one side to turn the lock. However, this can easily be overrun by burglars who decide to smash doors with glass panels on the side. All they would have to do is break the glass panels, reach inside and turn the lock on the other side of the door, giving them access to your property.

On the other hand, double-cylinder deadbolts require a key on both sides of the door to turn the lock. While these are less common, they can help enhance the security on your property and make it harder for burglars to enter.

Watch Over Your Property While You’re Away

Neither you nor your tenants can keep an eye on the property 24/7. However, installing security cameras around the area of your rental property is one of the most effective ways to maintain its security even when nobody’s home. While it can slightly increase the rent you’re offering, tenants aren’t likely to make a fuss about increasing security and keeping themselves safe.

Not only can this help you keep burglars and other people with malicious intentions away, but it can also give you and your tenants a better sense of security.

Let Burglars Know You’re Keeping Watch

In addition to security cameras, posting security warning signs outside the property can deter some burglars from going through their plans. Security signages are among the top things that criminals look for before committing a burglary. This is because they don’t want to be caught on camera, and these signs suggest that there are security measures in place.

While these aren’t necessarily sufficient to keep criminals away completely, you can consider it one of your first lines of defense to prevent any theft from taking place.


Install a Security System

Sometimes, security cameras and signages ;en’t enough to avoid theft and other crimes. While home security systems are often a big investment, it’s one that you’ll end up thanking your future self for. Security systems can help keep your property fully secure, and the best thing about them is that most of these devices are user-friendly, making them easy to install and set up. Some of them can even be controlled from your smartphone.

It’s important to assess your property and shop for a security system that fulfills the needs of your tenants and your property. These often include smoke alarms, motion-detecting cameras and light, and even door and window sensors.

Invest in the Right Insurance Plan

No matter how prepared you are for keeping your property and tenants safe, you can never fully guarantee their safety. However, making sure that your tenants are fully covered in case of a robbery or burglary will help everyone keep their peace of mind. You can do this by acquiring a home insurance policy package covering both home and contents insurance, which helps protect your property and your tenant’s belongings.

Renting out a residential or even a commercial property is generally a lucrative investment strategy for many. However, it doesn’t come without its issues. To mitigate risk and avoid any possible legal entanglements, it’s important to invest in keeping your property safe and secure.

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