Small Bathroom: How to Make It Look Bigger

What does the bathroom mean for you? For most people, it’s a sacred space where one can take the time to decompress. Studies have found that the average person would have spent more than two years in the bathroom in their lifetime. We spend so much time in the bathroom that most people would have some form of device or material to entertain themselves with when they’re in there.

That is all well and good for households with medium to large-sized bathrooms. But what if you have a small bathroom? It could feel claustrophobic in there, so we’ve got some ideas for you to try to make your private space appear larger.

Tip 1: Increase the Natural Light

The use of natural light is recommended for any room in the house as it brings in a light and airy feeling. But it becomes especially important in a small space. Keep your windows clean and free of grime, inside and outside. Make sure there aren’t any lurking cobwebs on there, as well as that can also decrease the amount of natural light coming in.

Additionally, make sure you have fully functioning blinds so that it’ll be easy for you to control the natural light and still maintain privacy. If possible, look into replacing your clear glass windows with frosted privacy ones so that you wouldn’t have to use blinds or curtains.

Of course, you might not have had a choice when it comes to the kind of windows installed in the bathroom when you bought the house. If you only have a tiny window or porthole, try adding a ceiling skylight or a solar tunnel to bring in more natural light into your space.

Tip 2: Go for Light-Coloured Interiors

The number one design idea most interior decorators give when trying to create the illusion of a bigger space is to go for light-coloured paints and furniture. The same approach could be used for the bathroom.

Try to keep your interiors within the same hues and tones. If possible, paint the bathroom the same colour from the ceiling to the floor or use the same tiles you put on the floor up to the ceiling.

The goal is to decrease the use of contrasting colours and dividing lines so that it looks like you’re looking at one big, flowing space and not cramped in by the ceiling and the walls.

If that feels too much for you, you can add little pops of colour like a funky light fixture or interesting design elements like modern vanities that add to the aesthetic.


Tip 3: Don’t Underestimate the Power of Glass

Don’t be afraid to incorporate glass into your bathroom re-design. Instead of a plastic shower door or shower curtains, opt for a clear glass shower door. Do take note that it has to be “clear” glass. Textured or frosted shower doors in the bathroom would make it appear like another wall, thus making the space feel cramped.

Already have a mirror in the bathroom, right? Go bigger. If possible, install one from ceiling to floor or one that is the same height as the tallest member of the household. And don’t put a frame around it either—frameless mirrors make the room appear bigger.

It would also be a good idea to place the mirror in a strategic place. It could be across from the window. The window’s reflection in the mirror would make it appear like you have two windows in the bathroom, thus, adding to the illusion of space.

People use the bathroom not just to freshen up but also to have some “me time.” It’s probably the only room in the house where one can demand privacy. So it’s just as well that you beautify your bathroom to make your stay in there comfortable and relaxing.

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