Bathroom Trends to Leave Behind in 2021

The last two years saw a rise in luxurious bathroom upgrades. Thanks to the pandemic, new bathroom design trends were born. One of the most popular upgrades was a hot tub installation. It turned basic bathrooms into a spa-like haven, making its users momentarily forget that we’re battling a health crisis.

But some did more than install hot tubs. And sadly, they might regret those extravagant upgrades soon.

Of course, you’re free to upgrade your bathroom any way you want to. It’s your space, after all. But if you’re upgrading to sell, going for what appeals to you alone isn’t the smartest choice. What if you installed patterned tiles and not a single buyer liked it? You might be forced to reduce your abode’s selling price just to get it over with already.

Avoid such scenarios by leaving these bathroom trends in 2021:

1. Graphic Patterned Floor Tiles

Are patterned floors really that bad? Everybody is entitled to their opinion about these tiles, but logically speaking, they’re just not worth it. They’re expensive to install because they often require a professional’s help. And over time, you might find the graphic patterns too loud and distracting.

2. Subway Tiles

Subway tiles are often praised for its timeless appeal. But that may be about to end this year. While these classic tiles will never truly go away, they’re becoming too common in bathrooms and backsplashes. It’s about time we try something new, like stacked brick tiles. They also look like subway, but with more texture and depth.

3. No-Threshold Shower

This trend became big in the recent past years because it creates a seamless transition from the shower to the rest of the space. As such, the aesthetic is modern and clean, just the way most of us like it. However, leaving out the threshold is inefficient. If it’s not built correctly, your whole bathroom will get flooded every time you take a shower.

If you also skipped the shower enclosure or curtain, the water will splash everywhere. Its beauty only lasts for as long as you don’t use the shower. Skipping the threshold isn’t worth the additional time you’d spend wiping down the floors and walls.

4. White Marble

a white bathroom

Marble gained a lot of hype in 2020 that those who can’t afford it used marbleized wallpaper to mimic the expensive stone’s look. While marble isn’t going out of style anytime soon, the use of while marble, in particular, can be toned down in 2022 and beyond. Let’s make way for coloured stone this time. Black or dark-blue marble deserves fame too. Travertine is worth a try as well.

5. Doorless Shower

This trend is similar to the no-threshold shower. It creates a clean aesthetic sans efficiency. Skipping the door allows water to flow outside the shower, flooding your whole bathroom. Again, it’s not worth the extra cleaning time. Also, an open shower allows the draft to enter while you lather up. You may feel cold even if you’re having a hot shower.

Upgrades to Try Instead

If you badly need new, modern bathroom fittings, consider these upgrades instead:

1. Matte Black Fixtures

Brushed brass is pretty and all, but matte black fixtures are gaining well-deserved popularity lately. They fit more interior design styles, and create a more seamless aesthetic minus the inefficiency. They may be easier to clean, too.

2. Bathroom Suites

If budget permits a major renovation, consider extending your bathroom to turn it into a suite. It’s worth the splurge if you’d be working from home permanently and don’t see yourself moving out. A bathroom suite won’t just give you more space, but also greater creativity as you design. You can match the suite’s aesthetic to your bedroom’s, so that it would look like a luxurious hotel suite.

3. Organic Elements

The pandemic has changed how we see travelling. From now on, we not be able to enjoy the outdoors any more without fearing for our health. As such, our opportunities to connect with nature may become limited. So just bring the outdoors indoors. Incorporate organic elements in your bathroom, like wood slats for cabinets, plants, lots of natural light, and a Zen aesthetic.

4. Vintage Fixtures

If you’re still loyal to the traditional styles, don’t be afraid to go for a vintage bathroom. Try a vintage chest of drawers under your sink, a vintage wall-mounted light fixture, and vintage brass sinks. Old-school doesn’t always mean dated. What’s more important is maintaining efficiency.

5. Globe Pendants

Lastly, don’t forget the overhead light fixture. Try globe pendants to balance out all the sharp lines and angles.

The key to creating a timeless bathroom is to do one upgrade at a time. That way, you won’t regret anything, and you can save more money.

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