Four Ways You Can Live Large in a Smaller Space

Decorating a small house comes with its unique challenges. And although it's always easy to get a home extension service in your city, some people don't have that option.

Fortunately, knowing a few decorating ideas can help you out immensely. No matter how tiny your space can be, if you have the right skills and vision to back you up, you can always make it work even with a limited budget. So, whether you're decorating your living space or an entire one-bedroom apartment, here are a few tips that you can use to make your house seem so much more extensive.

Be smart with your accessories.

Having decor pieces inside your house can be a great addition to any space, especially if you know how to do it right. However, having too much in a small area can only make it look too overwhelming. That's why Country Living suggests that you match your decor pieces to your space. For example, if you're trying to decorate a small bathroom space, your decor pieces should fit its size. You can consider hanging a mirror and a couple of scones to make it look minimalist yet chick.

Use a sliding barn door.

You may not have noticed it, but doors do consume a lot of space. Entries can take up square footage of your home just by opening and closing it. One way to fix it is by using a sliding barn door to maximize your space. Aside from an excellent alternative to regular doors, you can use it to disguise the adjacent kitchen and dining storage, too. When choosing the right barn door, Better Homes & Gardens says to select the one with the correct details that'll complement the room.

Add decors to your walls.

Adding decor pieces to your walls can also be a great way to make your house feel larger. You don't need to buy an expensive painting to redecorate your walls. Even simple wainscoting should do the trick. If you're planning to add some shelf boards, make sure that it compliments your home's aesthetic to give it a different look. Adding a couple of shelving can act as extra storage to store a few photos and even a couple more decor.

Use your outdoor space.

If you still don't have enough budget to extend your home yet, you can always use your porch as a temporary extension for now. Adding screens can help keep out a couple of insects, especially during the summer season. You can even add a couple of chairs, a lamp, and a ceiling fan so that you can cozy up while you enjoy the outdoor views.

These are only a few of the things that you can try to consider when decorating your small space. Always remember that the amount of space you have shouldn't limit your creativity when decorating your home. You can always check the internet for more inspiration or check a couple of books to get more ideas. Choose the ones that complement your style as well as your space.



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