How to Seize the Day and Avoid FOMO

Many people today simply feel like they’re not getting enough out of life. Instead of taking the time to analyze the reasons for this dissatisfaction, we tend to compare ourselves to others who seem happier. We seek to imitate what they are doing, checking off a self-imposed list of can’t-miss experiences. This gave rise to the expression “fear of missing out” or FOMO.

It might be conflated with an older saying: carpe diem, Latin for “seize the day.” Yet there’s a big difference between the two. FOMO stems from negativity and can leave you scrambling after meaningless experiences. On the other hand, seizing the day entails thoughtful evaluation of what truly matters and focusing on quality in life. Here’s what you can shed to accomplish the latter:


The term FOMO was coined as early as the turn of the millennium but entered the mainstream with the advent of social media and smartphones. When you have a device that allows you to receive constant updates from people you respect and admire, it’s hard to escape the feeling that someone you know, somewhere, is simply living life better than you.

If you want to seize the day, the first things to cut from your life are such diversions. Practice putting your phone on silent and keeping it out of reach for hours each day. Become more aware of the little things going on around you. Appreciate details in your surroundings. Above all, stop allowing yourself to be influenced by the status anxiety on social media.



How often do you feel like there’s something enjoyable or worthwhile you could be doing if only you had the time? We all get the same amount of time each day. Some people manage to make each hour count more. Opportunity cost is a more significant factor than you might realize at first.

Are you spending too much time engaged in frivolous activities or commitments? When you cut down on the time you commit to something that doesn’t matter, you’ll notice more time becomes available to you, and the day slows down. Say no to extra tasks at work. Draw boundaries, and don’t feel pressured to hang out with people you don’t enjoy being around.


For a lot of us, the biggest obstacle to achieving more and enjoying a high quality of life is our fear. Younger generations spending big on travel or other experiences may be avoiding big financial goals out of fear. Yet if you let go of that fear and master financial discipline, you can buy land for sale now before prices rise and enjoy the benefits of settling down.

Other fears might be holding you back from daring to embark on similar ambitious ventures, such as starting a business, writing a book, or pursuing your passion in life. Everyone has different ways of dealing with their fears, but one thing is sure: If you don’t fight to overcome and eliminate them from your life, you will have to bear the corresponding regrets.

When someone says they want to enjoy more out of life, they probably know that decisive action is necessary. However, something holds them back. Don’t be driven by FOMO. Reflect on what truly matters, let go of the rest, and you’ll have the freedom to seize the day.

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