Upgrades to Make Your Airbnb Rentals More Profitable

Winning at hosting vacation rental properties is a tough competition to make. There are thousands of new listings popping up in your location, and you want to make your property stand out. Consider why more people are choosing Airbnb over hotel stays. Renting out via this platform gives them more privacy, space and enjoy personal touches by the host. There are also various accommodations, from a log cabin in the woods to a Victorian mansion and an idyllic stone house.

Airbnb is expected to thrive as more people join in as hosts and start offering their properties for rent. At this point, you might want to check and reconsider how your property fares against the competition. Understanding your guest’s needs can help you implement “mini-upgrades” that promise outstanding value to your property. For every upgrade you make on your rental, make sure to mention it in your lists of amenities. You can also have a professional photographer take pictures to add to your gallery.

USB Multi-charger Ports

International travelers might not have mobile phone adaptors that work in your country. Stock up on phone charging needs, table charging, mobile hotspot, and others. Every traveler will appreciate having to charge their devices at the same time. The USB interface is universal, and almost all travelers will be using it.  Whether your guest is coming from Spain or Singapore, it won’t matter if they don’t have an adapter because they won’t be needing it on your property.

Shower Dispensers

For guests checking in after a long flight, seeing these handy-dandy dispensers in the shower will make you an extraordinary host! Air travel implements restrictions on liquid items and toiletries. Thus, seeing amenities like this on a potential Airbnb rental will surely make guests check in on you. They won’t have to struggle with packing these items because they are assured that toiletries are available at their accommodations.  Also, if you feel like splurging a bit to treat your guest, buy bulk mini-soap and shampoo bottles. Your guests will definitely feel like they are in a hotel.

Safety Features

Safety features and gadgets are not commonly mentioned in listings. These may be necessary to comply with local rules and regulations, but sadly, it is not underlined in the property descriptions. Take a picture of the fire extinguisher, mention the smoke alarm, and include the emergency lights in the listings.

Hair Dryer

Putting a hairdryer in your rental property will add value to it by a minimum of $10 per night. So the purchase of the hair dyer will be paid up in less than two nights, and you are already in the profit zone after that. You can opt for a more durable brand or more high-end, but don’t overdo it.

Anti-pest Devices

If your property is located near waterways like rivers, or the beach, you might want to mention that you have mosquito control, mosquito nets, and other anti-pest or insect devices on your property. It will reassure your guests that every little detail is addressed to ensure their comfort. Install screens on the windows if you’d like to encourage guests to enjoy the fresh air without annoying mosquitoes flying in.

Shaving Kit

bathroom essentials

Toiletries and amenities are essential for travelers when choosing their Airbnb rentals. Apart from providing shampoos or soaps, you might also want to throw in some toothpaste and a shaving kit. Shaving creams and gels are often left out when flying to a destination. They are not allowed because of the pressurized gas it contains. Provide them with some affordable disposable razors and some shaving cream to doll them up before exploring out.  Your male guests will appreciate seeing that there is a shaving kit in your list of amenities.


Some people find travel to be chaotic leisure. It has a lot of disruption from their usual routines. If your guests stay for more than a night, they will appreciate some cubbies and organizers around your property.  It will help them stay organized with their stuff and thank you for your thoughtfulness. Cubbies are affordable and convenient organizers that can help guests sort out their things from shoes, laundry, phones and electronics, toiletries, and more.

Coat Hooks

Installing coat hooks in strategic locations in your rental property will help your guests unpack and get organized with ease. It is often the first thing that guests look around for — a spot where to hang their jackets or coats so that they can go about other things. Wall-mounted coat racks will save space, and others prefer to have multi-hook units. You can check out several varieties and find out that suits your property’s overall look and feel, but consider functionality as well.

After getting all these upgrades done, don’t forget to update your listings and make them more compelling. Include your new amenities and describe them the best that you can. Take nice photos to add to your gallery — if you can afford it, get the services of a professional photographer. All these upgrades are affordable, but they will be worth every penny or more in the long run.

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