What YouTubers Did Right to Succeed

There are about 37 million channels on YouTube. But, there is only a handful of them that have managed to make a successful living out of it. What exactly did these YouTubers do that helped them stand apart from the rest.

If you are new on YouTube and are struggling to connect with your audience, here are a few tips that will help you understand how to be successful on the platform:

1. Quality

The one thing that all successful YouTubers have in common is the quality of the video. This is more about shooting the videos in 4k, editing the transitions, and creating amazing backdrops. You don’t need to have a Hollywood-level setup. The quality here means that it should have consistency. Your video must be easily digestible with no unnecessary fluff. Your viewers should not feel like they have wasted their time. And while your video quality is an important aspect, it is not a high priority.

A great example of this is PewDiePie, one of the most subscribed-to YouTubers. Most of his videos are in 720p. In fact, many YouTubers upload their videos in 1080p, even though they can afford to make 4k videos. This is because the former is convenient, and views often don’t recognize the difference. But, the one thing that you can’t compromise on is the audio. If you have horrible audio, it won’t matter how amazing your content is. People won’t listen to you.

2. Analytics

This might seem daunting to a lot of people. However, analytics can provide you with a multitude of information that can help you understand what content your audience likes more or how successful a video can be. SEO on YouTube can be used for influencing your reach, especially if you are a small channel. A few examples of SEO techniques include creating clickable thumbnails and keyword researching.

woman holding a sandwich while vlogging

3. Message

This is an important aspect of your video. The video can be a tutorial, guide, infotainment, entertainment value, or behind-the-scenes. You have to keep the message of the video aligned with your topic so that viewers have an idea of what to expect. For example, if you are telling people about how to buy quality water online, you should not tangent-off for long on the purification process. You can create a separate video with that specific message.

Also, you have to keep your message consistent throughout the video. You cannot start the video by saying one thing and end it with another. This will leave your audience confused.

4. Personality

You don’t have to be extrovert or loud to be a YouTuber. In fact, your audience will relate to you more if you are an introvert. They will appreciate that you are being authentic and not forcing a persona. It doesn’t matter that you are shy, introverted, charismatic, or boisterous. The only thing that matters is how well you are able to portrait yourself to your audience. For some, this comes naturally, while some others have to practice until they become relatively comfortable.

So, now you know what top YouTubers do to engage with their audience and create quality content. If you are an aspiring YouTuber, now is the time to work on growing your channel. Just be consistent, and you will be able to find success in this field.

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