Ideas on Making a Large Room Feel Cosy

For some people, the definition of cosy room centres on the idea of living in a small and enclosed space. A large room may feel imposing and poses a challenge for some homeowners who want to create a cosy ambience. However, it is possible to bring out the cosiness despite the size of a space.

Experts from a trusted interior design company cite the following ideas on how you can make a large room feel cosy.

Designate Zones

A large room becomes cosier when you create specific zones for certain activities. These pockets that have particular functions allow you to find a quiet spot that feels like an enclosed space. Have a place to play the piano or any kind of musical instrument. A section where you can read or write stirs up creative juices. A section to have an intimate conversation with a loved one makes the space homey.

Identify a Point to Focus On

When trying to make a large room cosier, a homeowner must identify a focal point. If the room has a great view of the outdoors or has a fireplace, either one should be the focal point. It will be the seating area for you and your guests. Once you identify this, you can start re-arranging the furniture or designing the space in a way that suits it.

Informal Look

A space feels less cosy and homey when it looks too formal. Straight lines, bland colours and carefully arranged furniture take the personality of a room. Play with the hues, as well as mix and match sofas, chairs, tables and other types of furniture. Take a bold approach to combining old and new things in the room. Vibrant fabrics and colours add personality to an otherwise large and drab space.

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Fill Dead Spaces

Walls and dead spaces affect a room’s cosiness. Fill these places with furniture, such as bookcases, armchairs, a console table and benches. These additions shrink a space and make it seem homier and cosier. Deep colours also make a room cosy and fill up blank walls.

L-Shaped Room Divider

Large rooms are ideal for L-shaped dividers or sofas. These pieces divide a room into sections that you can get creative with. An L-shaped sofa provides two seating spaces for a group of friends or family.

Add a Screen

To create an intimate and cosy feel in an open space, consider adding a screen. When you add this piece of furniture, a room feels more intimate. Fold the screens partially and put them behind chairs, a table or the sofa. It makes people feel like they are in a small room even if they are not.

Get Creative with Proportions

Optical illusions are not just for magicians; you can apply them to make a large room seem cosier and smaller. Place large pieces of furniture such as lamps, vases and sofas to shrink the space. These take up more room compared to smaller ones.

Large spaces are not easy to design and decorate for cosiness, but it is possible. The ideas mentioned above will create a sense of intimacy for you and your visitors.

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