Businesses that Find Fantastic Ways to Celebrate Your Birthday

A recent survey indicates that, on average, a person spends $400 on birthdays, especially for their children. Did you know that the current market for children’s birthday parties has grown to at least $35 billion? And new trends always pop up in an industry that prioritizes celebrations and gatherings. Let’s talk about how to help people spice up their birthdays and earn from it!

Customized and Specialized Pastries Services

This is an industry that home bakers have embraced. It’s especially gained traction ever since the quarantine restrictions closed down businesses all over the world. Today, people who only used to see baking as a hobby have turned to it as a new career. And everybody will always appreciate a slice of cake. Let’s look at some of the old and new inventions in the kitchen, taking birthday parties by storm.

Cake Pops

cake pops

Cake pops grew into unparalleled popularity in the past decade. They were so popular that you wouldn’t miss them at any party or social gathering. They were great because they tasted great, and they were incredibly convenient. They were also adorable, and their aesthetics could match every single community they were brought in.

They were almost an indispensable part of famous pop culture. Not only were they more accessible and affordable than other pastries, but they were also relatively healthier. People who were watching their weight can easily indulge themselves in a single cake pop. Unfortunately, like most trends, the cake pop popularity waned, and they’re no longer in demand as much as before.

Fluffiest Pancakes

Today, new pastries have taken the spotlight, and one of them is Asian treats. One of such threats is the softest and fluffiest pancakes that originated in Japan. These are not the flat pancakes you usually make. Instead, their layers are thick, smooth, and silky as a cloud. The fluffiest pancakes are now the stars of every brunch out there.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a lovely restaurant that doesn’t serve these fluffies for breakfast or brunch. The best thing about these fantastic fluffy pancakes is that they’re very healthy. Pancakes store a lot of minerals and vitamins. They are rich in riboflavin, phosphorous, iron, and calcium.

Today, cakes and pastries remain at the heart of every birthday party. And the new trend is the creations of customized or personalized cakes and pastries made by home bakers! Grab a slice now!

Something for the Outdoor Enthusiasts

friends on a yacht

Vaccination drives are happening and spreading worldwide, and more people are getting their extra layer of protection. Governments are devising incentives for those who get their vaccines to encourage and get people to be inoculated. They enjoy various quarantine immunities, and that means they’re allowed to go out more. This way, people can finally enjoy the outdoors again, which is an exciting avenue for rental businesses.

Renting out outdoor equipment has never been this good in the pandemic. More and more people are finally returning to relatively more normal lifestyles and can go to many places they weren’t allowed to before. And considering how long the world has gone in quarantine, you can bet that everyone is hungry for an adventure.

Do you know that the outdoor industry is at least $459 billion right now? It’s time to help people who need thrilling and adrenaline-pumping activities. That’s why it’s a good idea to venture into and start renting outdoor equipment. In addition, you might want to go big and cater to more extravagant clientele. Today, you can help them not just enjoy the mountainside but also conquer the ocean. Let them hire a yacht by providing it as a service!

Drive-in Theaters

Today, you can help people enjoy the movies without having to let them expose themselves to Covid. Drive-in theatres offer a great business avenue, especially now that things are finally going back to normal. The movie industry was heavily affected by Covid-19 in 2020, but this year, it sees a revival.

Ride this wave and help people go to the movies again, but safer this time. Drive-in theatres are great because they are safer. This way, movie patrons don’t come close enough to each other. Staying in their vehicles maintains proper social distancing. An added layer of privacy helps them have a more pleasurable viewing experience.

Various industries are seeing improvements because we are finding ways to deal with the Covid pandemic better. Today, people can once again celebrate their birthdays in the ordinary and exciting ways that they couldn’t last year. So imagine just how much people are itching to go all out! Join the birthday industry today!

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